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Your dream home is built for life: it’s designed to protect you and your loved ones from the elements through decades, and suit your lifestyle and budget. Your professional and financial situation can change throughout the years, prompting you to make important financial decisions regarding your future.

As you celebrate these milestones, you need to identify your financial priorities and secure your most important investment. A mortgage renewal provides you with financial options for keeping your home as your needs evolve.

If this sounds like the right solution for you, Canadalend can help you through the process.

Is it time to renew my mortgage?

As your current mortgage term ends, it’s time to consider a mortgage renewal in line with your financial goals. Whether your initial term was 1-5 years, there’s no doubt that your life has changed a lot since then. A mortgage renewal allows you to negotiate for a better mortgage rate and term.

At Canadalend, we are here for all your years of homeownership — whether we have always been your mortgage broker of choice, or you’re shopping for better rates, we can provide the best mortgage renewal terms to suit the next chapter of your life. Make smart financial decisions to secure the life you’ve built, and unlock savings with the lowest rates in the market.

A mortgage renewal gives us:

  • Friendly and flexible mortgage terms for every homeowner

  • Lowest, market-leading interest rates

  • Access to a wide range of trusted, industry-leading lenders

  • Fast and easy approval process

  • Hassle-free switching to a new lender

  • Long-term savings on your mortgage, and more.

Why switch to a new mortgage lender?

Are you receiving the best terms for sustaining your lifelong investment?

Your current lender will want to retain you as a client, and you can expect an early renewal offer, or even a default automatic renewal. But switching to another lender may prove to be more beneficial in the long run, even if it requires diligent research and shopping. Our mortgage brokers can help you identify your priorities, shop for the lowest rates, and negotiate a new mortgage that suits your changing financial and lifestyle needs.

What are your mortgage needs?

Getting the mortgage you need starts with understanding the right mortgage product according to your lifestyle and finances. Consider these factors that impact your mortgage renewal:

  • An increase in your finances and budget, which would allow you to repay your mortgage in full sooner and reduce interest payments

  • Changes in your mortgage payment frequency

  • Your ability to make additional payments without incurring prepayment penalties

  • You need to increase the amount of your mortgage to sustain housing and living expenses

  • The emerging need for life, critical illness, disability, or employment insurance

  • Your overall satisfaction with the mortgage rate, term, and services provided by your current lender.

We offer a range of solutions for all your mortgage renewal needs!

At Canadalend, we make switching mortgages fast, easy, and completely hassle-free.

Need a new mortgage loan insurance plan? Our brokers can also help you enrol in a mortgage loan insurance to secure an increased loan amount or extended amortization period. If you already have an existing insurance policy on your current policy, we can help you avoid paying premiums twice, and streamline your mortgage expenses.

Is it time to renew your mortgage? Call Canadalend at 1-866- I CAN LEND (422-6536) for the lowest rates and best mortgage terms to secure your financial future.

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