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I / We hereby certify that the information given in the mortgage application form is true and correct and I / We understand that it is being used to determine my/our credit responsibilities. CanadaLend Inc. is authorized to obtain any information they may require for these purposes from other sources (including, for example, credit bureau) and each such source is hereby authorized to provide them with such information.

I / We also understand that the information given in the mortgage application form as well as other information obtained in relation to my credit history may be disclosed to potential mortgage lenders, financial intermediary and mortgage in relation to insurers, organizations providing technological or other support services required this application and any other parties with whom I / We propose to have a financial relationship.


Don't worry, having Bad Credit is Ok.

Banks and traditional lenders like to decline clients that have bad or bruised credit.but at Canadalend it's a non-issue. 

We all know bad things can happen to good people. You may get ill, lose your job, or even miss a payment or two over the years you try to build your credit. We understand that life can happen, and when it does, Canadalend is here to help. 

Whether you're looking to take out a second mortgage or refinance your current one, our bad credit experts can help. At Canadalend, we know that better rates are just a renewal away for you - the banks consider you a high risk, but we feel that home equity is more important than credit score or reportable income.

What can I use a Home Equity Loan For?

At Canadalend we believe that you should have access to your money whenever you need it, regardless of your past or current credit history. We help by finding you the lowest rates available, as well as providing the support you need in order to achieve your financial or real estate goals.

Take a look at some common reasons why people in Ontario are turning to Canadalend for alternative lending solutions:

  • Refinancing options
  • Second mortgages
  • Pay off bills
  • Home renovations
  • Secondary properties
  • Stop Power of Sale
  • Rebuilding credit
  • Commercial and Industrial mortgages
  • Eliminate CRA arrears
  • Emergency expenses
  • Tuition and educational expenses
  • Business ventures and investments
  • Property tax arrears
  • Consumer proposals or bankruptcy

  •                   …Plus Much More!

The Canadalend Advantage

Why should you choose over the country's Big Banks? Simply put, the experts at Canadalend have access to a much larger pool banks, alternative, and private lenders. This allows us to find the best possible product at the best possible rate for your unique situation – unlike banks and traditional lenders who can only sell you their specific products.

After a free consultation with one of our qualified home equity mortgage specialists, we will be able to explain – in simple and clear terms - all the factors that determine the amount of money that you can borrow against your home.

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